Christmas Team Building Ideas

Trim Those Trees

This is one of those Christmas team building ideas that should provide your team members with a fun, creative release. Break your team down into smaller teams, and give each team supplies that they can use to build and decorate a tree. Supplies can include a variety of items, including construction paper, scissors, paper clips, string, tape, glue, glitter, popsicle sticks, cotton balls. Most of these items you’ll be able to gather from around the office. Once you distribute the supplies among the teams, give each team thirty minutes to put their creative energies in play to build and decorate a miniature-sized Christmas tree. Lighten up the mood by playing some holiday music during the building, and stress the importance of having fun. When the thirty minutes are up, each team can display its tree to the entire group. The trees than can be placed about the office.

Christmas Team Building IdeasThe Holiday Hunt

One of the more active Christmas team building ideas that you can set up in an office environment is a scavenger hunt that is based on a Christmas carol. This activity is an excellent way to promote unity among the team and add an air of holiday excitement to the office. Base your scavenger hunt on a Christmas song that most people are familiar with, such as “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Break the staff down into smaller teams of people, using this opportunity to bring together employees that don’t usually interact with each other. Once you establish your teams, give each team a list of items to search for in the office: one light bulb lighting, two paper clips clipping, three labels labeling, four pens a penning, etc. When one team finally gathers all of the items on the list, the others teams will reward the team by serenading them with the entire Christmas carol.

The Christmas List

Some Christmas team building ideas can be used as ice breakers for employees. One activity to use to acquaint team members with each other is to have them partake in a Christmas List game. This holiday game is fun and will also test listening and recollection skills. Instruct team members to sit in a circle. Select one member to begin the game by telling the group his or her first name and what gift he or she most wants for the holiday. The member sitting to the left of the first player will then continue, repeating the name of the first player and that player’s desired gift. That player will then state his or her name and the gift that he or she most wants. As team members continue around the circle, the list of names and gifts will grow quite lengthy, depending on the size of the group. Some participants might not be able to remember everyone’s name or gift by the time their turn arrives, but all of the players will be able to remember at least some.

The Joys of Christmas Team Building Ideas

These are just a few of the Christmas team building ideas that you can incorporate into your office’s daily activities to lighten the moods of employees, provide a chance to mingle, and simply spread a bit of joy around the office during the holidays.