Fun Team Building Ideas for Christmas

The Christmas season is a great time to use fun team building ideas to pull your team together so that they can spread some joy as they celebrate together. You can have team members partake in a variety of activities, from the simple to the elaborate. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Fun Team Building Ideas for Christmas Fast Delivery

Everyone enjoys a little light-hearted competition. Have your team divide into two teams, and provide each team with a stocking to hang. Ensure that each team is the same distance away from their stocking. Provide each team with a pile of Christmas candy and a small spoon. On your signal, the first competitor for each team will collect a spoon full of candy, run to the stocking, put the candy in the stocking, and return to the team to pass the spoon on to the next team member. The team to fill its stocking with candy first wins. Another one of the more fun team building ideas is to have team members compete in a relay of gift wrapping. Again, divide the team into two teams, and set up materials for each team on separate tables. Include boxes, gifts, scissors, ribbon, wrapping paper, and tape. Each team must set up an assembly line and then race to box and wrap a gift for each team member.

Venture into the Cold

Sometimes nothing is more invigorating and stimulating then to partake in fun team building ideas for the outdoors. A snowball throwing contest will bring out the child in all of your team members. In a yard, field, or parking lot, use food coloring to make a bulls-eye in the snow. Assign different points for each circle of the bulls-eye, just like a dart board. Have each team member make the same number of snowballs, and let the fun begin. The team member with the most points is the winner. Another good activity for outdoors is to build an ice sculpture. Freeze water beforehand in ice cube trays and whatever other plastic molds you can find, such as yogurt containers. Have the team members take all of the ice outside and, in a vacant space, have them work together to design and then build an ice sculpture based on a Christmas theme of their choice.

Christmas Acquaintance

One of the fun team building ideas that you can use to help team members get further acquainted with each other is to gather them together for a different kind of gift exchange. Have each team member bring a gift into work, something simple and not too expensive, and assign a number to each gift as team members drop them off. At that time, have the team member write down an unknown fact about his or her self, write the same number on the fact that you did on the gift, and put the paper in a box or bowl. When the team has assembled, you can begin the gift exchange. Draw a piece of paper out of the bowl and read the fact aloud to the team. Team members can then take turns trying to guess who the fact is about. The first team member to guess correctly wins the gift that corresponds to the number. Keep playing until everyone has a gift!

Never Forget to Make Some Merry

The holidays are one of the best times to incorporate fun team building ideas into your daily schedule and routine. Team members will appreciate the chance to mingle, relax and share some holiday cheer.