The Holiday Party Is Back!

Reward Your Employees With Something Extra During Your Holiday Party

Labor Day might seem like the more appropriate time to recognize and reward your team’s labor, but honestly – we’re all out barbecuing!

Since we’re all predisposed around the Labor Day holiday, the year-end holiday season is THE time to recognize and appreciate your team’s dedication and hard work.

It could be something as simple as an office potluck, casual cocktails at the local watering hole, or a sit-down lunch or dinner for the entire team. If you’re already planning a holiday party, why not add a philanthropic team building twist for a fun and memorable event!

The Irony Of Discretionary Budgets

The Holiday Party Is Back!
The economic climate of the past few years has challenged many companies to reassess their discretionary budgets, and team building activities and holiday parties were reduced or eliminated entirely due to budget shortfalls and economic uncertainty. Ironically, it is perhaps at this time when morale is low – pay increases and promotions are deferred, workloads go up because of reduced headcount, corporate outings are shelved – that team building activities become even more critical morale boosters instead of being just another company expense.

Luckily those tight economic times are a thing of the past, as the economy has recovered and companies see their profits rebounding. We’re happy to see a huge surge in RFQs already this holiday season which shows that companies still understand the value in holiday team building activities.

Strengthening the Ties that Bind

A holiday team building event becomes an excellent opportunity to strengthen “the ties that bind” an organization together, reward employees for their hard work, and emphasize management’s role as provider, mentor and leader. The most significant result of a combined team building and entertainment activity is improved communication, among co-workers themselves and between employees and management.

A properly facilitated team building workshop will mix up the participants instead of letting them bunch up with the group of people that they usually mingle with in the office. This allows cross-departmental interaction and reduces the departmental “silo” effect. Too often folks only mingle with their direct teammates at your company events, imagine how much more productive your organization can become when Sally from A/P forges a new friendship with Mary in Accounting while they build bikes for charity together! Once they’re back in the office after the holidays, they feel comfortable picking up the phone and working through work issues together because of the bond they establishes during your event.

Make Your Holiday Party Memorable

When properly planned, combining your holiday party with holiday team building activities can provide a learning environment without the participants even realizing it! Magnovo‘s professional corporate specialists and facilitators take the time to discover as much as possible about your organization, and with good reason and even better results. Team building workshops that incorporate insider jokes, your corporate culture, milestones, accomplishments and memorable office moments blend in seamlessly without looking like an award ceremony or a human resources pep talk.

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