Holiday Team Building: The Teddy Bear Workshop

We’re receiving a lot of phone calls requesting “The Teddy Bear Workshop”, even though there are so many more options than just teddy bears!

It seems that our Rescue Buddies workshop has struck a big chord with companies eager to provide support to emergency crews in their local community, and with good reason. You get to throw a philanthropic twist into your holiday party or holiday team building event, benefit the local community, AND provide a learning experience that your team will be talking about long after the holidays are over. Now we just need to get people calling it “Rescue Buddies” instead of “The Teddy Bear Workshop”!

What the Workshop Can Do

Holiday Team Building: The Teddy Bear Workshop

When our creative team designed the Rescue Buddies workshop, they realized that there was an important niche that has been overlooked for too long. Many companies are looking to add something extra to their usual ho-hum holiday party, and maybe even turn it into an investment rather than just an expense. To make team members work well together, you sometimes need to take them out of their comfort zones and daily routines in order to work for something meaningful. This is what holiday team building is all about, especially when you bring your people to a workshop where they’re tasked to work together to assemble stuffed animals for children. From the onset, this may seem like it’s an extremely out-of-the-box idea, but perhaps that’s exactly what you need to empower and motivate your team.

Chances are, your employees have participated in a team building exercise at some point. But there’s a pretty good chance that none of them have ever made stuffed animals before! Sure they’re familiar with the ones you get from a toy store, but actually creating these stuffed toys is something new, exciting and challenging for them. It will force them to think creatively, work with others, step out of their comfort zone, and have fun while doing it.

When teams are placed in situations like this, they discover new things about themselves and their work mates that will eventually translate to better productivity and increased efficiency when they get back into the office.

Team Building with a Heart

Focusing on the task at hand works to build your team’s efficiency and camaraderie, but there’s more to the story, and this is where the ah-ha! moment comes in. The stuffed animals that your team builds will be donated to firefighters and emergency responders, who give them out to help comfort children in a distress situation such as a house fire or car crash.

Your holiday team building event then becomes so much more meaningful with this context in mind. When possible, we arrange with a local fire department to have at least one member show up in uniform to receive the stuffed animals. There are always some teary eyes as they talk about a recent situation where they’ve handed out a Rescue Buddy to a distressed child, and really drives the impact of the workshop home with your team. As your puts their time and effort into making the stuffed animals, they’ll have the mental image of the child that they will be able to comfort.

The stuffed animals even come with a birth certificate and a back pack, to help personalize the experience.

Customizing Your Event

Every company, every team, every individual is different, and every holiday party or holiday team building event is different. We can completely customize your holiday event based around your expected number of participants, and we take the time to learn your corporate culture and buzzwords so the workshop seems as if it’s an extension of your training department.

At Magnovo, we specialize in events that bring companies and teams together. Let us help you organize your holiday event today, and make it an event to remember!