Host a Christmas Talent Show as a Team Event

If you want to think outside of the box to create a team event for the holiday, think about using the personal and professional skills of your organization or team members to put on a Christmas Talent Show.

Host a Christmas Talent Show as a Team Event (Mobile)You will be surprised by some of the different talents your team members can bring to a show, including singing, dancing, juggling, comedy, magic. You can have more than one person in each category, and you should stress that each talent should try to come up with some kind of Christmas twist to incorporate into his or her performance. Singers, for instance, should select a Christmas song to sing. The song doesn’t have to be a Christmas carol. Plenty of pop, rock, and country Christmas songs are available for the choosing.

Don’t Have a Talent?

Not everyone will want to perform in the show, but that’s all right. These are the team members who will use their professional skills to plan, organize, and promote the show. Have the team members who are not going to perform meet together to delegate different duties. The first step should be to have someone volunteer to be the overall organizer of the show. This person will ensure that team members are divided into different teams that handle the various duties that are required to create a successful show, such as creating a set, providing props, and advertising the show.

Determine the Parameters of the Show

Before beginning, the appointed organizer of the show and the other team members should set parameters for the show. Select a date near Christmas for the show, and notify everyone far in advance to give each team member time to plan and the performers time to practice. Logistics are important. What kind of space is available for the show? Find a conference room or an auditorium that will be suitable for the show, and be sure to secure the space ahead of time. Determine how long you want the show to last, and how long each talent should perform. This will ensure the show runs smoothly. Deciding on the budget for the show is also important. Make sure you have the funds for materials you need for the stage and props, advertising, and refreshments for after the show.

Put Your Teams into Action

You have your talent in place, and you have a date, time, and venue set, and this is now the time to put your teams into action. Your Stage Team is responsible for building a set, if necessary, controlling sound and light, and ensuring the stage is safe. This team will make sure that the performers have a good stage from which to perform, as well as anything else they might need, such as microphones, instruments, and any necessary props.

Your Advertising Team is the team that gets the word out, providing information regarding the date, time, and location of the show. This team can use a variety of ways to advertise, such as fliers that they post in break rooms, lunch rooms, and in hallways; e-mail messaging; and word of mouth. Advertise ahead of time so people can clear their schedules to attend.

Find a Host for the Show

Every show needs a Master of Ceremonies who can start the show, introduce the performers, and interact with the audience. This person will keep the show rolling in a timely fashion, keep the audience entertained between acts, and provide stagehands any time they might need to change the set for the next act.

Celebrate the Show’s Success

The Refreshments Team is responsible for deciding what types of refreshments to serve to celebrate the show and the talents once the show ends. Make sure they stick to a Christmas themes and provide items such as Christmas punch, eggnog, Christmas cookies and candy.

A Real Team Event for the Holiday

This team event will be fun, challenging, and involve everyone, while providing plenty of opportunities to work on the skills of creating, developing, coordinating, and communicating. If you want to add a charitable twist to the event and you have the necessary space, think about inviting a group from the community, such as a senior citizen center or a nursing home, to attend the show.