Host a Christmas Talent Show as a Team Event

Ice Breaker Activities for your Holiday Team Building Workshop

Holiday team building workshops can not only be a lot of fun but a great way to enhance your company’s work environment. While many people enjoy the excitement and overall good time that holiday-themed team building workshops can offer, other people may not know where to start. Keep in mind that not all work environments are naturally harmonious. Some staff may be more comfortable with people in their own department and may not know the best way to engage with staff from other areas of the company. Here are a few ice breaker activities that can really help all of your employees engage with each other during team building exercises and long after the party is over.

Ice Breaker Activities for your Holiday Team Building WorkshopCustomized Ice Breaker Activities

There are many, many ways to get your employees off the bench and into the game. Some people are naturally more reserved, so it’s important to incorporate some activities that get people talking to each other and working together. The possibilities are essentially endless,  but here are a few activities to consider that not only break the ice, but also improve company morale and strengthen skills.

Holiday-Themed Charity Activities

Take a look at your own community and consider what could most benefit those in your area. Most likely, there is some need for food, toys or other items for lower income level families. A great way to break the ice with your employees is to skip the whole formal introduction and simply have staff members from different areas of the company work together to do something good for the community. Choose a charity that means something to your organization and let your employees communicate with each other to give back while getting to know each other better.

Get to Know One Another

Ice breaker activities are an important part of any team building workshop because they get people working together and getting to know each other. It is always helpful for staff to learn more about each other so that they can work together amiably and reduce workplace stress.

Build Stronger Communication

Communication is an essential part of any business. Doing such activities will allow each employee the opportunity to speak about themselves and feel comfortable sharing ideas. You will be surprised at how many great ideas can be attained simply by incorporating a few ice breaker activities into holiday team building workshops. This type of activity can benefit your company for years to come.