Holidays are tough for members of the armed forces- they’re often away from family and friends, or even if they’re serving stateside they can always use help from the rest of us. Mission: Military Care steps up to serve our military service men and women, while delivering a finely tuned workshop that teaches us all about courage and innovation.

What is the Mission: Military Care Workshop All About?

Mission-Military-Care-Team-BuildingIn a small way, this workshop builds on the same features which give strength to our military: courage, focus and teamwork. With those three elements, there’s a way around any obstacle, and any mission can end in success. In Mission: Military Care, our expert team of facilitators present your team with a progressive series of challenging activities which draw upon their ability to work together toward a common goal. These challenges are much like what are found in the workplace, so are easily transferable to the office once everyone is back at their desks.

One benefit of Mission: Military Care is that teams will learn to sift through lots of useless information to find what they’re looking for…that’s the focus portion of the lesson. It’s about how to identify what’s important in order to make effective decisions, something we all find challenging when there’s “data clutter” all around us.

Why is Mission: Military Care the Perfect Holiday Workshop?

Many companies choose this workshop for their Holiday event because it provides an experience that surpasses ordinary team-building goals and actually inspires them …and that’s what the Holiday season is all about, isn’t it? Teams are inspired to give back to the community in a way that’s meaningful for everyone- after all, almost each and every one of us is somehow personally touched by knowing someone who has served.