Radical New Ideas for Team Building in the New Millennium


Every day in offices all across America, ideas for team building are undergoing an extreme makeover. The Millennial generation is larger than any other group in the labor force; and by 2030, they’ll completely dominate it at a whopping 75 percent! And Millennials promise to be every bit as formidable as their Baby Boomer parents. This tumultuous transformation in Corporate America will have the same history-making impact on the socioeconomic landscape as a major earthquake.

ideas for team buildingFrom this new crop of CEOs-in-the-making a new leadership style is emerging and they’re adopting some radical new ideas for team building. They’ve cast off the mental shackles of traditional executive supremacy and domination over employees. They have less of a “them-versus-us” mentality, in which you treat laborers as the natural enemies of management.

Millennial managers have a keen sense of corporate social responsibility. Their attitude toward the community and their commitment to making it a better place in which to live also shape their attitudes toward their staffs and how they should be treated.

They’re less autocratic and more democratic at work because they believe in democratized outreach in the community. They’re less exclusive and more inclusive in their daily interactions with staff because they’re not snobbish about “outsiders” beyond the boardroom. They don’t have open doors, because many of them don’t have doors at all; their offices often share common space with other workers.

Millennials don’t have the same sense of loyalty to companies as their grandparents; yet they are far less materialist and prestige-driven than their elders. They don’t covet ownership of the company or the things money can buy in the same way their parents did. They prefer stewardship over ownership.

They are legacy-builders because they want to improve the overall quality of life, not because they want to make a name for themselves. Millennials embrace the notion that stewardship is about servanthood. Consequently their ideas for team building are about empowering every member of the team to be their best; and they are willing to undergird each other, instead of undermining each other.

In an atmosphere where team building requires an iron fist and a top dog dominating the others, these young professionals will never be fully engaged; and they probably won’t hang around for very long either. They embrace the notion that the healthiest ideas for team building are designed to cast a vision instead of casting a shadow. No, they’re not perfect, by any means, but their core values are pretty close to perfect. They’re setting the bar high.