Team Activities That Spread Holiday Cheer

During the holidays nothing can boost morale like charitable team activities. It might surprise you to learn that among Millennials–many of whom are just a few years away from receiving their last fashion dolls and action figures–the holidays are as stressful to them as to their parents.

Sure, they have the support of Snapchat, Instagram and other social media outlets through which they can vent some of their emotions. Nevertheless, according to a recent survey conducted by a team of mental health researchers, most Millennials suffer depression, anxiety, and social stress during the holiday season. How ironic it is that a season designed to spread joy, cheer, and glad tidings should trigger so much emotional pain for a whole generation of otherwise optimistic and exuberant young people.

That’s the sad news. Here’s the happy news: millions of Millennials forgo or delay marriage and child rearing, car ownership, and even home ownership.  But they are avid pet parents!

team activitiesAs many as 75 percent of them own a puppy; half of them own a cat or both. In fact, Millennials represent a whopping 24 percent of pet parents in the United States today! Yes, the traditional rite of passage into adulthood has been toppled by pet ownership.

So imagine a charitable team building workshop that can serve the dual purpose of boosting the morale of your stressed out Millennials staffers, while boosting the spirits of a family in your area. How? By participating in one of our Happy Tails Team Building Workshops!

The best team activities are the ones that reach beyond the team to help others. Our Happy Tails Team Building Workshop is designed to help pet-loving families make the commitment to offer a pooch or a puss a forever-home. Because that commitment is often beyond the financial reach of the most avid pet lovers, you can help by giving them a starter-kit full of pet care items they’ll need right away.

Admittedly, we helicopter pet-parents can really go over the top, buying organic catnip, and Superman Halloween costumes for our fur babies. But on a more practical, down-to-earth level, a pet-care starter kit can be a huge bonanza for cash-strapped families.

Vaccinations, spaying, neutering, and other medical basics are top priorities before pets make it out of the shelter and head for home! Water bowls, food dishes, blankets, beds, crates, kennels, training pads, flea and tick meds, kibble, catnip, chew toys, and leashes–the list of must-haves is long, and these necessities can be just as expensive as the items on your wish list of luxury items.

You and your team can spend an exciting afternoon collecting all of these items, and then donate them to a local no-kill animal shelter which will hand them off to a deserving family for their new cuddle-bug.

Your Millennial staff will be overjoyed; the animal shelter will feel relieved; the new pet parents will be grateful, and that fur baby will live happily ever after. The best team activities always have happy endings.