Planning Holiday Team Building Events

An event’s chances for success increase tremendously with the amount of planning you do, and team building is no exception. Coming up with occasional events to help build up the camaraderie and closeness of any team is important, because it helps take their mind off the stressful day to day routines of work. Great holiday team building events make the holiday season more meaningful for your employees and you somehow help them get their groove on as a team. But it all boils down to planning, and here are a few tips you can use.
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Holiday Team Building Workshops: How Giving Makes It More Effective

More and more companies are turning their holiday team building workshops into charity events with activities that involve employees working together to benefit their local communities. Professional team building companies like Magnovo Training Group understand the effectiveness of combining community service with team building and have designed corporate workshops with a philanthropic twist. But how does giving back make team building events more effective?
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Plan Ahead For A Prime Holiday Team Building Location

Organizing a regular party or team building activity is a feat in itself because of all the planning and preparation required. Throw in the mad rush of the holidays, and it sounds like you are out to punish yourself and your team! Remember how difficult it was for you to get a seat at your favorite restaurant during the holidays last year? If you plan on booking a decent place for your holiday team building location this year, you need to plan well ahead and avoid the holiday rush.

Finding a good venue is just one thing, there’s the catering, supplies, transportation arrangements, and – possibly the worst of all – the ‘looks that kill’ from employees who would rather go on a holiday binge with friends than spend more time with their boss and co-workers. The more you think about it, being in charge of organizing the holiday party or holiday team building event looks like a real CLM – a Career-Limiting Move. However, before you throw in the towel, you will be happy to know that there is a way to make holiday team building event a true success. All you need is the right timing and the right help.
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Holiday Team Building: The Teddy Bear Workshop

We’re receiving a lot of phone calls requesting “The Teddy Bear Workshop”, even though there are so many more options than just teddy bears!

It seems that our Rescue Buddies workshop has struck a big chord with companies eager to provide support to emergency crews in their local community, and with good reason. You get to throw a philanthropic twist into your holiday party or holiday team building event, benefit the local community, AND provide a learning experience that your team will be talking about long after the holidays are over. Now we just need to get people calling it “Rescue Buddies” instead of “The Teddy Bear Workshop”!
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Let’s Build Bikes as Part of Your Holiday Team Building Event

Let’s build bikes for the holidays!

There are many ways to design holiday team building programs for your employees but to truly make things exciting you have to think outside of the box and go with something that they haven’t tried before. It’s very likely that some of them have already done the usual team building events before, so if you want to make an impact you can go with something that not only brings out their individual strengths but also helps them give back to the community. Instead of the same old event, let’s build some bikes together!
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The Holiday Party Is Back!

Reward Your Employees With Something Extra During Your Holiday Party

Labor Day might seem like the more appropriate time to recognize and reward your team’s labor, but honestly – we’re all out barbecuing!

Since we’re all predisposed around the Labor Day holiday, the year-end holiday season is THE time to recognize and appreciate your team’s dedication and hard work.

It could be something as simple as an office potluck, casual cocktails at the local watering hole, or a sit-down lunch or dinner for the entire team. If you’re already planning a holiday party, why not add a philanthropic team building twist for a fun and memorable event!
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Choosing the Perfect Holiday Team Building Venue

Another important ‘make or break’ detail is the choice of your holiday team building venue

When planning a holiday team building event, your choice of venue is not only crucial, finding one may just be your greatest challenge.
The ambience and atmosphere of the venue will largely influence the dynamics of the activities and the attitude of the participants, and the place you choose must be convenient and appropriate for your planned activities.
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Holiday Team Building Activities – When Giving is Building

We all have a mental image of what holiday team building activities entail, but some of the options might surprise you!

Team building is about taking a step back from the regular hustle of the workplace to bond with co-workers and revisit the core values of the company. An effective team building workshop is one where employees go back to work re-energized and with renewed commitment to work with each other towards achieving team goals. However, you can take your activity to the next level by integrating community service with holiday team building. Why? Because giving back to the community coupled with the holidays is a proven formula for creating something that is relevant and memorable.
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Holiday Team Building Ideas – Five Things You Need to Remember

Holiday team building ideas can be a bit tricky.

They have the potential to be effective if you are able to take advantage of the upbeat and festive demeanor of most people during the holidays, or it can go horribly wrong if the activity causes additional stress to already high-strung holiday-season emotions.

Here are five things to remember when plotting out your holiday team building ideas.
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Tis The Season To Be Jolly With A Holiday Team Building Event

Make your company’s yuletide celebration more memorable this year by hosting a holiday team building event instead of just having a company holiday party.

Of course the food and drinks will still abound, but unlike the usual year end party, your holiday team building event will be a fun learning activity that gives participants great memories and the joy of giving back, instead of just hangovers and indigestion.

Team building is a motivational experience for employees to gain knowledge of not only how to work together better but also of what the people they work with are all about. When employees leave the office (and all the stress associated with it) and engage in personal bonding through fun activities, it results in both learning new skills and developing other assets and connecting as a team.
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