How About Some Team Synergy  for the Holidays?

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-BuildingGet everyone’s spirit going with a challenging, fun Holiday event for your high-performance team. Take them through a series of Holiday-themed collaborative activities focused on creating a culture of positive change in the workplace. By bringing everyone together and realizing how their separate strengths jointo overcome obstacles, this workshop takes the Holiday event to new levels. Everyone learns something but it’s all in the name of good Holiday cheer.

True Holiday Spirit is About Coming Together

Team Synergy Holiday Edition teaches us all about the true meaning of giving when it comes to collaboration. During this Holiday event, team members are not only having fun celebrating the holidays, they’re helping one another find answers to problems. Our professional facilitators challenge them and then lead discussions about how each stage of the process played out. It’s intense but the facilitators know how to keep it light. Of course that’s not difficult when you’re all there to celebrate the Holidays, too!

How Does Team Synergy Holiday Edition Work?

Believe it or not, this workshop is comprised of Holiday-themed activities which simulate real-life situations in the workplace. This is meant to bring out team members’ natural communication styles. Only when we see the real patterns of behavior emerge, can we point them out and begin to break down silos.

Areas of concern are targeted as your group builds on its communication skills as well as other skill areas:

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Thinking About the Big Picture
  • Managing Limited Resources
  • Fostering a collaborative atmosphere

You see, going back to that Holiday Spirit: Team Synergy focuses on collaboration, not competition. This is for groups who have areas they need to improve: motivation, teamwork, behavior, attitude. Our facilitators’ decades of experience combine with Holiday cheer to bring your team one of the most challenging and rewarding workshops we offer. Try Team Synergy for your high performing group.