There’s a Revolution In Ideas For Team Building

No matter how reliable they’ve been over the years, your tried-and-true ideas for team building are about to receive a complete overhaul! Why? Because they’re heeeeere! Millennials are 75 million strong and they’re forcing the workplace to change.

Overnight you and your company have been besieged by eager beavers who are young enough to be your children, but older enough to challenge you at every turn. For some of you executive Baby Boomers, the office may feel more like a playpen than a place of business.

ideas for team building“Nobody’s paying me to be a babysitter,” you may grouse under your breath. And you’re right. You’re not a babysitter, but some of the wisdom you used as a parent may serve you well now.  Among your most effective new ideas for team building make relationship building a top priority. Sure, you’re the boss, but you don’t always have to boss people around to get the best out of them.  When compelled to criticize, make sure your criticism is constructive and not destructive. Avoid hurling judgments and accusations at them.

In fact, before you speak at all, listen. Create a safe environment for your employee to speak and then let him go for it! When you finally do respond, carefully pose questions reiterating what you think you just heard so that you’re both on the same page. And when you issue a mandate or a directive, make sure you’re setting him up to succeed. Don’t demand the impossible. Facilitate the plausible and support him when he needs help.

And consider this: casting a vision should leave your team uplifted, not downcast. Make the vision plain. Write it down. Ask for feedback and then use that feedback to reframe your plans or to adjust the way you explain it.

In the old days the boss was regarded as an adversary around whom all but a few were wary. That was then. This is now and now the wisest managers and supervisors are learning to become advocates for their workers. Their most enlightened ideas for team building enable professional growth for each team member.

A recent survey revealed that most Millennials [more than 90 percent, in fact] yearn to become leaders. Mentoring and executive training are becoming a part of the best practices model in companies all over the country.  The most effective ideas for team building emphasis the welfare of employees, because they’re the ones that help boost your bottom line.