Think Big with Holiday Team Building Workshops

Think Big with Holiday Team Building Workshops

As the holidays approach, you are likely making plans for your company’s upcoming celebration. Perhaps you are thinking of the perfect decorations, the best music to play and even the speech you should give about how hard everybody has worked over the past year. Many people believe that creating a fun party for employees builds a bond and helps people see the human side of everyday operations. This is certainly true! However, this year consider a fresh approach at building trust and reducing stress in your company by hosting a holiday team building workshop. Make a commitment to your company to go in a modern direction that could very well change your entire company’s dynamic.

What is a holiday team building workshop?

Think Big with Holiday Team Building WorkshopsRather than investing time and money in decorations that will get thrown out, food that will be partially eaten, and gifts that will be forgotten—give your employees the lasting gift of team building. You can achieve this by conducting a workshop that gets your employees involved in a customized experience. Options include, but are not limited to:

  •  Ice breaker exercises – Perfect for engaging with introverts or getting the company better acquainted.
  •  Creative projects – Tap into the creativity of your employees with hands-on group projects
  • Charity benefits – Allow your employees work together to create or donate to assist a charity of your choosing

Give your employees the opportunity to build relationships with each other, the company and the community that you serve. This full-circle approach will ensure that your employees are more present and confident in being a part of the team.

Advantages of Holiday Team Building Workshops

These types of workshops keep giving back long after everybody goes home. Keep in mind that your employees will also be experiencing stress in their personal lives during this time. Help reduce or even eliminate company stress by giving real thought to what a holiday team building workshop can do for you. What your employees take away from this experience will provide your company with long-lasting, positive impacts. Your employees will be more engaged, more productive, and happier to be at work. Employee happiness goes a long way in increasing work output and also increasing employee innovation and interest in what they do. Imagine a workplace where employees communicate their concerns and ideas to create a more cohesive environment for all.

This year, think bigger than coffee cups and company pens. Give your employees the opportunity to work together to build solid functional relationships with a holiday team building workshop.