Tis the Season for Bonding Exercises

The upcoming holidays are a marathon of glad tidings and bonding exercises, both personal and professional: gift exchanges; office parties; school pageants and concerts; collegiate and professional football tailgating parties; feasts, fun, family, and charitable donations.

Generosity is one of the smartest virtues you can build into your business model because it’s a natural team building tool. It pulls disparate personalities together around a common goal. It empowers teams by strengthening the hearts of each team member. I mean, no heart–not even the Grinch’s–is immune to the humanizing therapy of kindness. Charitable donations are a boon for the recipients and therapy for the donors.

bonding exercisesAnd we should know. Charitable team building is a part of our life’s blood. It’s what makes us tick. And in the meantime, we add value to a lot of lives around the country. In the second quarter of this year, we gifted nearly 600 wheelchairs and bikes; backpacks stuffed with school supplies; wagons stuffed with toys; and other gifts, along with our heartfelt best wishes and prayers for the lives of each recipient.

Our Mission: Military Care Team Building Workshop is tailored to fit teams who have loved ones serving overseas, or who are zealous about supporting our troops all over the world. This support translates into cookies, chips, dried fruit, and other snacks; sweaters, gloves, and scarves; magazines, books, music CDs, audiobooks, and other comforters. We partner with organizations like Operation Shoebox, Operation Stars and Stripes, and Operation Homefront to deliver a little homefront love to some of these brave men and women to edify them until their safe return.

And soldiers are not the only ones to whom we offer love and care. Our Mission: Kids Care Team Building Workshop is one of our favorite bonding exercises, because we get a chance to provide poor kids with all of the school supplies they need; and we stash each item in a brightly colored backpack.

During our Happy Tails Team Building Workshop teammates assemble pet-care packages for pet-friendly families who need a little financial support before they take on the responsibilities of pet-parenting.

If support for the disabled is a cause that’s close to your heart, our WheelCharity Wheelchair Team Building Workshop is the answer. First, imagine assembling a customized, beautifully decorated wheelchair for a disabled member of your community. Now imagine how completely transformed her life will be–all because of you!

For us, generosity is just business as usual. It’s built into our list of “best practices.”  Our track record confirms for us every day that charitable team building workshops are the best bonding exercises of all.