WheelCharity Holiday Wheelchair Team Building

WheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-BuildingThis holiday season, why not get your team involved in a little charity work while they develop their team spirit and improve their workplace skills? Our WheelCharity™ wheelchair team building workshop does all that and more…we can tailor this any way you like, just for your team.

The focus is on having fun for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work in a bit of team building skills development while your team works in a bit of charity work! It’s completely possible to accomplish all three at once with our professionally designed curriculum, led by facilitators who know how to pull the best work from your group while ensuring fun for all.

Holiday Team Building With a Charitable Twist

This results-oriented team building workshop has been re-organized to integrate perfectly with end-of-year ad Holiday corporate events…celebrate the season while renewing your team’s commitment to workplace excellence as well as your company’s sense of community giving.

WheelCharity™ for the Holidays: How it Works

How does this work? For starters, WheelCharity™ is results-oriented in two ways: towards your team’s improved skills and towards a common goal of producing wheelchairs which are donated to local hospitals. Team members learn the value of some good old healthy competition as they compete in friendly activities designed to bring out the cooperative spirit in everyone.

Each group completes a wheelchair, and then competes in obstacle courses, coming away with not only a stronger sense of their workplace bonds but also a broader outlook on life and what it’s like to maneuver with a wheelchair. However, the work shop can be tailored for a more creative approach by removing the obstacle course module and substituting a module in which team members decorate the chairs with messages of hope and inspiration for the recipients.

The WheelCharity™ curriculum was designed to focus your group on a common goal, the result of which is the charitable donation of wheelchairs to a local hospital, veteran’s center or national wheelchair organization. If you have another destination for the chairs produced in the workshop, let us know and we’ll gladly accommodate your request…this work shop is completely customizable!

Community, Communication, and Competition

It’s a basic principle of learning: when team members are actively engaged in what they’re doing, they’re open to learning, more apt to work harder to communicate and work together to accomplish their given goals. That works for everyone: they get to know each other better, so when they return to the workplace, they’ll be better able to communicate, collaborate, solve problems and improve their productivity overall.

What drives this work shop? There’s a serious demand for wheelchairs in our country right now. An estimated 17 million people use wheelchairs and the need for mobility devices is continuous in any given community.

This structured workshop is task-oriented and led by professional facilitators. Even though there’s a Holiday theme, we never let go of our four-step model (Challenge-Activity-Debrief-Transfer)for relevant, workplace results.

Giving During the Holiday Season

Our WheelCharity™ Work Shop was designed to meet the rising demand for companies seeking to fulfill their corporate social responsibility via team building events…especially during the Holidays. We saw the chance for co-workers to com together, strengthen their bonds and improve communication skills, while at the same time participating in Holiday events and having a good time. By donating wheelchairs to those in need, your team:

  1. renews its sense of community involvement
  2. improves workplace skills by working toward a common goal
  3. participates in a Holiday event that everyone can get behind!